Windows Codename Fiji is the prime example of Microsoft sticking to an absurd policy when it comes down to communicating details about its products to the general public. Even at just one month from the release of Windows Fiji, the Redmond company is keeping a tight lid on all details much to the frustration of Windows Media Center users. This, especially since Fiji was released to manufacturing in July as the Windows Media Center TV Pack 2008. However, the RTM of Windows Fiji has changed nothing for Windows Media Center end users who, with the exception of a limited pool of testers involved in the Beta development milestones of the products, are being kept completely in the dark.

Windows Media Center TV Pack 2008 RTM is Build 6.1.1000.18273, designed for implementation on top of Windows Media Center in Windows Vista RTM or Windows Vista Service Pack 1. The gold bits have been available since July 16, according to the Redmond company. But even so, Microsoft will only offer the first details on Windows Media Center TV Pack 2008 on September 3.

What questions do you have about the Windows Media Center TV? I can’t answer or comment on any of them until the official announcements happen at CEDIA. But I can think about the answers before then. If you have specific questions about the Windows Media Center TV Pack leave them

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